Not Kyaraben but kyarazushi, how to make a decorative sushi? – sushi roll designed a bear, a squirrel, or Totoro

Decorative sushi looks very complicated to make, but it's always required the same flow. 

1, Make the same size

2, Mix the rice with other ingredients to make color

3, Roll each part  from the middle to outside

4, Slice them, 3 cm for each peace

5, Decorate the face with cut Nori sheet

How to color the rice? No food dyes, no artificial food coloring, healthy way to color. We can use only Natural ingredients.

If you want to make a decorative sushi, it'll be more fun with more colors. But we don't need any food dyes or artificial food coloring, we can simply mix the rice with other ingredients. Here you can see the pink rice mixed with pickled Ume, plum paste, gray rice mixed with black sesame, and the yellow rice mixed with roasted sesame seeds which gives the flavor and the taste, too. 

The important but easy way to make a lovely decorative sushi roll. Easy trick to roll sushi.

On the edge, you can put some peases of rice and crashed them by thumb which can be sticky and put the nori sheets together.

If you don't have a bamboo mat, what's substitute we can use to make sushi rolls. How to make sushi roll round?

If you want to roll the sushi well, you can set a sushi on nori sheet supported by the sushi mat. Hold it by one hand, and let the sushi slide around, but it's important not to press. If it's not round yet, you can slide the sushi from right to left again, and naturally, it'll be round.

If you don't have a sushi mat, you can also use a cotton kitchen towel covered with a plastic wrap.

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