Tips and tricks to cut sushi rolls – easy and quick way

It's a finale to cut sushi after struggling the roll, you can find the following tips to enjoy it.

Put the blade in water and stand up and tap the knife on the table to get rid of the extra water, and it's the time to cut now. 

And uou can also use the wet napkin to wipe off the blade after cutting each piece, better to keep it clean each time.

The first step to cut sushi roll - Cut the roll after Nori is ready, that's the 1st tip

Make sure you dampen the nori sheet to seal it well. If the nori is too dry, let the roll sleep for a bit, about 2-3 minutes, and the moisture of rice can move into the nori which bring you the smooth cut. 

Then repeat the process, clean the knife by a wet napkin or dip it with water.

The easy way to cut Sushi - Use a sheet of plastic wrap - easy way to roll and make a beautiful shape

It can be easy to roll with a sheet of plastic wrap, help the roll overall stability while slicing as it keep the rice together. 

The important trick to cut sushi - No seesaw, one fluid motion can help to cut sushi roll

For the fat roll called "Futomaki", you can cut only the half and wipe off the sticky rice from the knife, and dip it with water, then cut the other half.

It depends on how smooth the knife can be moved and you can decide to continue to cut or to stop and clean off for the sharp blade.

The easy way to cut Sushi roll - Don't use oil to cut sushi roll, only water can make the sharp cut

Some people recommend to use oil, but it might bring the strong smell or oily taste, so water is a perfect solution to cut the roll well.

Hope this article can be helpful for the all.

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