Party food platters idea on decorative SUSHI – The beautiful and tasty Deli platter

When you organize a party, the 1st thing to decide is the party food platters. If you are looking for something new and which can gather the attention, this kind of decorative Sushi is a perfect option!  It can also be finger food, but quite filling, and we don't need to keep them cold or hot. 

Doggy sushi

Here, you can see kawaii dogs' sushi roll! If you arrange the ears longer, you can change them rabbits. With smaller ears, they can also be bear from dog design.

This sushi rolls have brown sushi rice which is mixed katsuo flakes powder, but you can also use minched meat and your favorite sauce.

Rose sushi rolls, beautiful plates and the guests will be facinated but easy cooking by 15 min.

1, Make an egg sheet

2, Spread the pink rice ball and colorful spicy pollack roe or/and pickled ginger

3, roll up softly

4, spread the white rice and some green on the nori sheet and put the above roll on the right side

5, roll up all

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