It was just 30 min lesson, very quick but I've gathered easy tips to make Kyaraben. 

How to make Kyaraben or bento? Easy way to cook. 3 tips with Kawaii Bento!

No 1. More color bring more appetite.

Kyaraben or Bento is limited with the space, that's why we can make more attention on the colors.

5 Key colors;

 1, White/ Cleaness

 2, Black/ Tighten the colors

 3, Yellow/ Increasing the appetite

 4, Red/ Increasing the appetite

 5, Blue (Green)/ Bringing the sense of security

Washoku (Japanese traditional food) require balance food colors and you can prepare nutritionally balanced, delicious and healthy meals thanks to the colors.

No2. Lovely side dish, made by 1 min. How to make a Ham flower?

Fold in half, make small inserts 1/5 inch along the folded edge with a knife, and roll up from the corner and use a tooth pick to secure the end.

No 3. Easy way to make a rice ball - use a plastic wrap.

While the rice is still warm, mix up with your favorite flavor. Here we add cooked salmon, and you can use a plastic rap to make the shape, which no need to care a few drops of water on the hands.

You can cut off the seaweed sheet to make the shape of face parts, and stick them on the rice ball, and cucumber stick on the top. 

You can also add cherry tomato, a cup of salad, and boiled green soy beans, etc.

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