Japanese cuisine is very unique, what are the traditional foods at home?

Japanese has adopted many kinds of foreign foods and you can find them even on the local table at home. If you want to find the traditional foods, the cooking method is the same even for the different ingredients, like fish and vegetables.

Here you can see the "Nimono", stews which are cooked in Dashi and added Mirin and/or Soy sauce. 

Kouyadouhu 高野豆腐 - Low carb gluten-free freeze-dried tofu

What's the taste of Japanese foods like at home? The main seasoner for Japanese food is Soy sauce and Mirin.

The taste is different depending on where it is in Japan as the weather is totally different between north and south, and the specialties are also different. 

In Tohoku area which is the East-North of Tokyo, their local foods are famous for the heavy taste. It's said that they like to drink and their salty foods are suitable for sake.

Ohitashi おひたし - Boiled field mustard or spinach

The Easy and fast basic way to cook Japanese foods. Only 3 things to cook Japanese stew.

It's very simple to cook Japanese stew.

First, you can boil the ingredients in Dashi, which takes 2-15 min till the ingredients are cooked. If you cook the vegetable like the above picture,  field mustard, it takes just a few min to be changed into the dark green, but it takes more than few hours to cook beans till it can be soft.

The 2nd thing is to skim off foams that rise to the surface while it's boiled.

The 3rd thing is just to add soy sauce and Mirin.

What is the substitute for mirin? If you don't have Mirin, you can use sugar instead.

Konjac こんにゃく 

The smell of Konjac is too strong so you can spoil the boiled water and add Dashi with soy sauce and mirin.  But if you don't have Mirin, you can use sugar and rice wine (or sake)  instead.

How to serve the side dishes in Japan? Japanese manner to serve the traditional foods.

In this column, you can find 8 kinds of Japanese stew but all of them normally supposed to be the side dishes. And you can serve each food in a big ball in the middle of the table with chopsticks. So we can self-serve to the individual dish next to the main dish. If you want to serve them before eating, use a small ball only for a few pieces.

here is the bamboo, たけのこ, you can skim the foam off the top while you cook.

Kinpira Gobo -きんぴらごぼう -  cook root vegetable such as burdock, lotus, and carrot

Shiraae - 白和え - Mashed Tofu with cooked vegetable and konjac

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