Dinner party idea, fantastic and healthy vegetarian food for Christmas

Guess what are they? They help Santa for X'mas and all the gifts for kids will be sent thanks to them.  So white parts are their horns

   - Yes, Reindeers!!!

The easy way to make sushi at home, quick and not complicated but looks gorgeous sushi.

Cook sushi rice and make a small ball in your hands which is 2 inches across, then put your favorite topping like pickles.

In this picture, we use salmon and salmon roe as the topping but you can choose whatever you want, like slice of pickles or cooked meat. 

Sushi party at home!!! Have any tips to cook? Yes, here simple 3 tips to make sushi.

No.1, When you make a sushi ball, it's easy to use a sheet of plastic wrap, or a few drops of water on your palms. 

No.2,  Don't push rice too hard to make the shape, as it can be sticky if each grain of rice should not be crushed. 

No 3. Use rice vinegar to make sushi rice, the flavor is totally different than the other kinds of vinegar.

Christmas party for kids, menu for kids and kawaii vegan menu for kids which kids love

It's too much complicated to explain how to make this kind of decorative sushi, so I've gathered the 5 tips how to make these fancy sushi in your kitchen.

No.1 Rolling up the each ingredients with a sheet of sea weed and here is the brown nose of reindeer.

You can see some pieces of rice on the edge, and they can be sort of glue pressing them by your finger, then you can roll it tight. Try to roll it tight but do not press hard till the rice grain can be broken.

No.2, cook sushi and color them mixing the rice seasoning.

From here, you need a bamboo mat called "Makisu", and you can easily make the shape in the mat.

Now, the last important part is to cut, keep the knife clean for each piece and decorate the eyes with seaweed sheet.

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