Cherry blossom, Sakura means a lot for Japanese, big festival in 2018

     Cherry blossom is more than the beauty to have the season for Japanese, which is a kind of the starting point for schools, job, and the new relationship.

     Most of the people in Japan graduate from schools in March, even tax season to be over, and start a new school or a new job from April. If we belong to a company, we officially get the order to be transfer to another department by the private reshuffle then. That’s why spring is important in a year for Japanese and it’s always with the view of cherry blossom blooming.

     Thus, cherry blossom can remind us the emotional memory separating from friends or family members, or starting the new relationship with the new society which might be bitter and sweet to remember.

     In March, the news here start talking about the peak forecast of cherry blossoms like the weather forecast, and it can be the top news. Then the people start planning the gathering under the blooming trees to have meal together, drink together, and even to sing together. It’s a seasonal party.


Which area can we still enjoy the cherry blossom in Japan this year, in 2018? It's located Tohoku Region this week.

The best viewing is in Thoku this week, in the end of April in 2018 and then Hokkaido will start it this weekednd. You can find the estimated opening day in the following;

Sapporo; Apr.28th to May.5th

Hakodate; Apr.27th to May.4th

Hirosaki; Apr.22nd to 30th

Kakunodate; Apr.24th to May.3rd

Kitakami; Apr.20th to 27th

Tokyo; Mar.25th to Apr.1st

Nagoya; Mar.2nd to Apr.2nd

Kyoto; Mar.28th to Apr.3rd

Osaka; Mar.27th  to Apr.2nd

Fukuoka; Mar.27th to Apri.2nd

New flavor you’ve never tasted, very unique and fashion food in Japan. Cherry blossom flavor and cherry pickled petals.

The easiest way to taste the cherry blossom petal pickles, of course it’s simply to buy. You can get them in online shop but limited to find it in grocery markets or local shops as seasonal and not so popular to buy only the cherry blossom pickle itself. If you are lucky, you can find it in the touristic area where is famous especially for the double cherry blossom like Yoshino in Nara, Fushimi in Kyoto, or Japan Mint in Osaka.

     Though you can see many kinds of foods or drinks with the flavor of cherry blossom, they are added just a few of the petals like green tea powder that is used just 1 tsp. in 1 dozen cupcakes. The cherry blossom pickle is added not only for the flavor but also for the color of lovely pink. Here you can see many kinds of lovely foods and drinks.

What colors are Cherry blossom? -Not only pink, white, and lavender but also yellow and green.

     Many are dark pink when in bud, lighter pink when they first blossom, and then pale pink. The blossoms also change colors. There are some variations on this.

     “Turmeric cherry”, “Ukon” in Japanese is the blossom of the year for 2017 in Japan mint Osaka. The blossoms has unique color and progress from greenish yellow and then to white and pink. And next unique color is Prunus lannesiana, “Gioiko” which color is yellowish green.

Are cherries from blossom tree safe to eat? Can we eat cherry blossom?

Flowering cherry trees are typically grown for ornamental purposes only. As “Yoshino cherry tree”, yedoensis, shares 80 percent in Japan, they need another kind of cherry tree around to produce the cherries. Most of them grown from cuttings, the time to bloom is similar. And some do produce small cherries during the summer but they are too sour for the people to eat. If you want to enjoy the cherries, you can choose edible trees like prunus avium.

Free tour in Osaka, Kids can study a lot even in English at Japan Mint.

     I had joined the Mint tour! It was quite interesting to know the history, the business, the organization, and the process to produce many kinds of coins and medals. It’s required to book via Mint website ( 1day before the tour, they don’t charge any free even with the guide to explain the detail on each corner. Unfortunately, the guide is only available in Japanese but you can choose the DVD shown for the first 15min in English.

In Japan, we use 6kinds of circulating coins and commemorative coins and “Helical Ridges” is big surprise, which you can see the edge of 500yen coin introduced the first special technology of the world in the field of mass-production.

Hence, we can see the process of the blanking, edging, washing, coining & inspecting, and counting & Bagging through the windows. I think, you can enjoy the tour even if you do not understand Japanese at all, as their museum is also attractive with about 4000 items are exhibited.  They also decorate gas lamps, a big clock reminiscent of the establishment of the Mint, and ancient coins that are not only domestic coins but also the foreign coins. If you want to know more details, you can go through the above website.

One of the best free place to enjoy the cherry blossom blooming in Osaka, it reaches the peak bloom in Apr.

     Here you can see the commemorative coins which you can buy only in the event and the following is describe on the back of the package;

Within the premises of the Japan Mint there are various kinds of flowering cherry trees and every year, during the cherry blossom (Sakura) season, approximately 560m of the length of the Japan Mint premises is opened to the public for cherry blossom viewing, and is called “Sakura-no-toorinuke” because people walk through a one-way passage while viewing the cherry blossoms. Since its inception in 1883, it has enjoyed popularity as one of Osaka’s best-loved spring traditions.

Cherry blossom festival - When is the Open day of Osaka Mint for "Cherry Blossom Viewing" in 2019?

 It's said that the best season of cherry blossom is the 1st week in April in Osaka but it was quite early  in 2018 so unfortunately it has already over in most of the parks and river side in Apr. and they had turned to be the green leaf trees then.

 But it's different for Osaka mint and the blooming peak is always later than the others by 2 or 3 weeks. So nobody knows when the open day will be in 2019 yet, but it will be announced the dates in the middle of Mar. As a reference, it was from Apr.11th to 17th in 2018.

Hope you can find the chance to enjoy the gorgeous SAKURA in Japan!

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